Sunday, April 21, 2013

Native American Folk Tales

Personally I have always had a real appreciation and love for Native American culture. That’s why this week when we were leaning and reading folktales from Native American culture I was so happy and extremely interested. The tales of Native Americans are like many fold tales because their point or moral is to give meaning to events or moments that happen in everyone’s lives. Also like many folk tales their tales are passed down from generation to generation as part of their traditions, ancestors, and religion. These tales are distinctly different from stories of English origin in some ways. The tales that we red from How men and women got together to Deer Hunter and White Corn Maiden all are very wondrous and filled with religious and magical aspects that make them unique. In English origin fold tales there is aspects of religion and magic but in a very different way than the Native American ones. In these tales the gods that they worship are actually called spirits and they are more human and they come down to earth to help their people. In many English origin tales there are religious symbols like a bird but their god never comes down and actually helps people and works with them.

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