Sunday, April 28, 2013

myths and legends of the Ādivāsīs in India

This week we had a guest speaker come in to talk about the myths and legends of the Ādivāsīs people in India. I thought that the presentation was good and the Ādivāsīs people are very interesting to learn about. The Ādivāsīs are considered the first inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent. They are considered to be the Untouchables because they are very poor. They celebrate their stories and they have many stories. The stories are different from the ones we have been reading in class. They do have similar motifs but their stories are kind of confusing to follow and sometime like in the story of the tiger and the cow it runs too long. Also in the tale Babo Pithoro there are many motifs. Like the stories we have read there are motifs but they are not making up the entire story. In Babo Pithoro the story is made up of only motifs. A similarity that they have with the stories we have been reading is that they explain things that happen to everyone in their life and and have religious aspects to them. The story of Babo Pithoro is almost like the story of Moses. They have similar story lines and motifs like the river. I liked the lecture and thought it was very interesting to learn about a culture so different from our own.

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