Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Jungian View of Fairy Tales

Wise old man ex. Gandalf

Normally you wouldn’t think that psychology and fairy tales would have much in common or have any kind of relationship with one another but they do. Fairy tales and Jungian psychoanalysis have a relationship with each other that includes many things. For starters Carl Jung said that between all people is a collective unconscious, which is shared by all people and contains the universal experiences of humankind throughout revolution. This has to do with fairy tales in particular because fairy tales are an example of the collective unconscious. Many fairy tales came about at the same time but in very different places of the world with the same kind of story lines. Also according to Dr. Mazeroff Jungian psychoanalysis includes many archetypes that we see in most if not all fairy tales. For example some of those archetypes are the wise old mad, the primeval forest, the trickster, the shadow, etc. All of these archetypes are what we see in many fairy tales. Also another one of the Jungian psychoanalysis relationship to fairy tales is the themes that we see in fairy tales such as the family romance which means that the child is living with a family that is not her real family, he hero’s journey, and the departure to call. All of these themes we have seen in fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Cap, and Beauty and the Beast.

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