Sunday, February 24, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

This week we learned a lot about Little Red Riding Hood and read different versions of the tale. This cartoon I found on the Internet is about Little Red Riding Hood.  After watching the cartoon I found that it was more of a social cartoon because it had lots of morals in it. The cartoon did not try to hide the usually hidden moral of LRRH which is to listen to your parents and don’t trust strangers. This cartoon was longer then some of the others I looked at. I liked it because the drawings seemed like they came from a book of fair tales and the fact that it had more dialogue then most of the other videos I looked at. Also the story went more a long with the story than most. Of course it wasn’t exactly like the Brother Grimm one but it had its elements such as the woodcutter and how he used the axe to get our Little Red Riding Hoods grandma. It was different though, in the fact that the wolf didn’t also eat Little Red, instead it was just the grandmother.

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